Energy, Natural Resources & Environmental Law Section

The Energy, Natural Resources & Environmental Law ("ENREL") Section of the Utah State Bar was established in 1977 for the purpose of seeking the participation of all interested members of the Bar and of other state and local bar associations in order to benefit such members by providing continuing legal education, a forum for the interchange of ideas in the areas of natural resources, oil, gas and mining, public lands, energy, Native American, water, and environmental law; initiating and implementing common projects; and to undertake such other services as may be of benefit to the members, the legal profession and the public. Any member in good standing of the Utah State Bar may, upon request, be enrolled as a member of the Section by payment of annual Section dues in the amount and for the purposes approved by the Board of Commissioners of the Utah State Bar (currently $25.00 per year).

This web site has been created as a forum for the dissemination and collection of information from and to ENREL Section members, wherever they are located. Events sponsored by the Section are outlined on the ENREL Events page. The ENREL Section has seven committees: Water, Oil and Gas, Mining, Public Lands, Environmental, Energy, and Native American. Within this web page, new developments in the particular area of law will be presented along with committee activities and reference materials.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding the ENREL Section, please feel free to contact one of the officers. Thank you for visiting our site; we hope you find it a valuable source of information!